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Commercial Design

SCI has worked on a number of commercial projects over the last many years in conjunction with other design offices and through my own business.  Our involvement in commercial work relationships incorporates a similar design philosophy as working with home owners in that the project manager or the developments’ partners desired design end result wishes are paramount.  As the interior designer, we are there to facilitate their wishes for a successfully designed project in a mode that reflects their vision.  The pathway to the end product is very fulfilling to see what develops from beginning idea discussions, to rough sketch ideas, design development, finalized plans and selections and finally the on site work.
We can write specifications or prepare purchase orders for all interior finishes, window treatments and furnishings and oversee production lead times, shipping and final inspections and installation.  We can also select accessories and artwork and install these when all the furnishings are in and complete.

Some of the great projects that  are not shown, or not shown in total on this site are:


Mentor Graphics, World Headquarters, Wilsonville, Oregon

Bandon Dunes Resort, Bandon, Oregon, Clubhouse Lodge, Restaurants & Bars, Bandon Inn Guest unites, Clubhouse Proshop, Chrome Lake Guest Units, Grove Guest Units, Lily Pond Guest Units, McKee Pub, Trails Clubhouse & Proshop, Pacific Dunes Clubhouse & Proshop, Business Office and Auxiliary Support Building

Northwest Pipe Co,. Portland, Oregon, Corporate Office

Murphy Plywood Plywood Division, Eugene, Oregon, Corporate Sales & Business Office, Personnel Lunch Room
Murphy Plywood, Sutherlin, Oregon, Business Office & Personnel Lunch Room & Lockers
Murphy Plywood, White City, Oregon, Business Office & Personnel Lunch Room & Lockers

Waverley Country Club, Portland, Oregon, Lobby, North Lounge, Ballroom and Men’s Bar & Locker

Interwest Financial, Portland, Oregon, IFA Corporate Office

Marketing Specialists, Milwaukie, Oregon, Corporate Office (previously Bromar Oregon)

Nanny B’s, Lake Oswego, Oregon, Children’s Clothing Store

Housing and Medical

OHSU Doctor’s Physicians Pavilion, Portland, Oregon

Calaroga Terrace Retirement Center, Portland, Oregon

Orchard Knoll, Roseburg, Oregon, Low Income Housing

Burnside Housing Unit, Portland, Oregon, Low Income Housing

The Danmoore Hotel, Portland, Oregon, Low Income Housing

Biltmore Hotel, Portland, Oregon, Low Income Housing

Encore (Brim) Elderly Housing & Hospital Master Palettes, (Eureka Surgical Center, Eureka, California one of the units)


Knights Castle, Wilsonville, Oregon, Apartment Model & Amenity Building

Park Lane, Vancouver, Washington, Apartment Model & Amenity Building

Witham Hill Oaks, Corvallis, Oregon, Apartment Models & Amenity Building