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Other Services

SConverse Interiors also is available to provide an array of other services, which includes staging for residential and commercial sales.  We also can provide finished materials boards for sales and rental support.

This service can again be very minimal as rearranging the client’s furniture, simplifying spaces by removing and storing pieces to open rooms up so potential buyers or renters can see their own pieces in the spaces. Existing art work and accessories can be relocated in new spaces or extra pieces added for color and interest. The main rooms can be repainted or accent paint walls used to heighten the visual width or length of the rooms. Area rugs can be used to visually divide open plan spaces and warm rooms visually. Kitchens and baths can also be painted if needed for a fresh look plus again clearing the countertops and adding a few bath accents and inviting table settings.  Another good source of color and interest is taking advantage of rental art from the Rental Sales Gallery of the Portland Art Museum where a few good pieces can be rented for three months to give a quality finish to any room.