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Residential Design

Residential Design changes can be made with something as simple as new lighting in a room, or as complex as a complete renovation of your home’s living spaces. In the end, the path you choose should express your personality and design tastes, while also not being detrimental to your budget. SConverse Interiors is here to show the design possibilities available to you, our client. Our goal is to always present our client’s personality in our designs.

The most important thing you should remember when formulating the plan for your Residential Design is to be wary of the latest trends. Trends might be fun for a while, but as with everything, change just as quickly as they came.  It is always best to a Residential Design firm that will be there to help you find a plan that mirrors your unique personality. In the end, selecting a residential design that fits your personality will increase the likelihood that you will be pleased with the design for years to come.

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